Rachelle Paquette - Owner of Thrive OM
May you and all beings be free & happy - Namasté.
After years of training in yoga, meditation, coaching and healing modalities, Rachelle continued to seek greater meaning and purpose, as no book or paradigm could seemingly liberate humanity from conflict and suffering. Then she came to understand that one does not "seek" enlightenment as it is always already there. All it takes is an awareness of its presence within and then taking the deliberate choice to breathe rather than try, relax rather than offer effort, smile rather than struggle and be rather than do. There is much power in relaxation, meditation and in the alignment with the essence of joy and bliss. Aligning with the power within offers a freedom that knows no boundaries.

Rachelle has been a yoga enthusiast for close to two decades. She has completed 500+ hours YTT and is a certified Pilates instructor.  She always approaches her classes with joyful energy, clarity, and with compassion for her fellow travellers. Her structured and balanced sequencing promotes grounding, alignment and ease. Rachelle creates a warm, relaxed and nurturing environment for her students to expand and express themselves.

A true passionate of healing arts, Rachelle is a registered Thai Yoga Massage therapist, Quantum Touch practitioner and Reiki Master.  She is a student of Trinfinity Academy (school for Enlightenment and Empowerment) and certified in Soul Coaching®.

Rachelle is passionate about empowering others in embracing freedom and abundance which is infinitely available to us all.
​​​On her journey to continued expansion, Rachelle offers much gratitude to all her teachers for sharing their passion and knowledge so that she can bring compassion, clarity and knowledge to every class, healing session and seminar:
Ruth Vandervoort, Deanna Villa, Deborah Adele, Darren Austin Hall, Justin Haley and Bentinho Massaro. Lastly, and mostly, Rachelle is forever grateful to her students and followers for their dedication, trust and for being true gems in her life.