Rachelle Paquette - Owner of Thrive OM

To some, a pronounced hearing loss would become an inpedment to living life fully.  To Rachelle, this has been the greatest gift this life has offered as it allowed her to 'silence' the outside world and force her to develop her inner navigational guiding system and disconnect from the matrix of the collective. 

With nothing but 'gut feeling', Rachelle has let go of the safety net countless times in both her personal life and her career.  Letting go, even when the stakes are high, prioritizing rather than avoiding, Rachelle playfully views herself as a blind-folded trapeze artist, excited about the next experience. 

Infinite power lies in quieting the busy mind and in the alignment with the essence of joy and bliss; a freedom that knows no boundaries. Rachelle’s true passion is assisting others interested in realizing their own magnificence and living their bliss now - without exceptions.

A true passionate of healing arts, Rachelle is a registered Thai Yoga Massage therapist, Quantum Touch practitioner and Reiki Master.  She is a student of Trinfinity Academy (school for Enlightenment and Empowerment under Bentinho Massaro) and certified in Soul Coaching®.

Rachelle has been a yoga enthusiast for more than two decades. She has completed 500+ hours YTT and is a certified Pilates instructor.  She always approaches her classes with joyful energy, clarity, and with compassion for her fellow travellers. Her structured and balanced sequencing promotes grounding, alignment and ease. Rachelle creates a warm, relaxed and nurturing environment for her students to expand and express themselves.
​​On her journey to continued expansion and clarity, Rachelle offers much gratitude to all her teachers for sharing their passion and knowledge:

Ruth Vandervoort, Bentinho Massaro, Deanna Villa, Deborah Adele, Justin Haley and Darren Austin Hall.

Lastly, and mostly, Rachelle is forever grateful to her students and followers for their dedication, trust and for being true gems in her life.